Blessing of Positive Thinking


“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Yes!  That is exactly why my friend and I have started getting up a little earlier in the morning (5am for her, 6am for me) to start our day with some positive thoughts.  We are using a devotional to guide us through this process.   This week is actually focusing on positive thoughts.  How fitting!

I must say that I feel so much better during the day when I wake up to these positive thoughts.  In fact, I honestly believe that the people around me can feel the positivity as well.

Do you start your morning with a devotional or time of positive thinking?  How does it impact you?

Sydney  🙂

11 thoughts on “Blessing of Positive Thinking

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  4. Sydney, thanks for the thought about starting my day from Positive. Lately I have been waking up down and trying hard to pull myself up. Now I think I’ll try Positive as soon as my eyes open. Thanks again. Fred

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