Blessing of a Break



Sometimes we all need a break from our day-to-day routine.  However, I know many friends and family that forget how much of a blessing a break can truly be.  A school’s Spring Break is a good example.  After studying hard for a couple of months, a week off allows the faculty and students to relax their bodies, refresh their minds, and renew their spirits.  When they return from break, they are able to start fresh.  It’s as if they rebooted themselves!

Do you need the blessing of a break?  It’s okay to make time for yourself!  Turn lunchtime into break time by stepping away from the computer and enjoying a walk outside.  Take a moment when you are tired to stand up and stretch.  Why not plan a quick weekend getaway?  How about playing your favorite song to lift your spirit?  There are so many ways to be blessed by a break!  

Oh…and it’s okay to ask for help when you need some extra break time.  Plus, you never know who might be blessed in return just for helping you!


Make That Decision


On Saturday, I decided to go for a free CrossFit workout (called a workout of the day or WOD).  One of my best friends and his fiancee love their CrossFit box (what they call their gym), and I was intrigued after seeing all of their WOD and results pics that they posted on Facebook.

Last fall, I lost 31 lbs. by changing my eating habits and working out with a SpinGym (it’s an awesome, portable workout in your pocket).  However, I’ve become lax with both my eating and my workouts.  Nannying for 5 children keeps me on the go most days.  When I made the kids lunch (which is a compromise between what I want to give them and what they really want/will actually eat), I would eat some of it myself.  I found my happiness going down and my weight going up.  Really?!  After I worked so hard?!

I had to make a decision that I would NOT stand for my health to be in jeopardy because I was too tired to “eat healthy and exercise.”  Once that decision was made, I knew what I needed to do.

After my free WOD, I joined CrossFit and have been taking my food with me in a handy thermal tote.  My friend has some of these totes in all shapes, sizes, and patterns which really helps!  Now, I don’t have an excuse when I decide to eat unhealthy food.

I’ll admit, I felt like I was in limbo until I made that decision.

What decision do you need to make today?  Decide to decide, and then do it!  

Sydney  🙂


Surprise Blessing



After looking at the name of this post and my picture of some strange looking green orbs, you may think I’ve gone mad!  What are these things and how are they a surprise blessing?!  Read on to find out!

In high school and early college, I spent my summers living on New Providence Island in the Bahamas.  We’ll just say Nassau to make it easier.  During that time, I worked in the bush with many families that had arrived from Haiti.  Most of the families had numerous children but had very little income.  Food and clothing were minimal.  Housing would definitely not pass codes here in the USA.  Almost all of the families agreed that Nassau was a much better place to live than what they had left behind.  

Luckily, living in such lush vegetation provided these families with a plethora of fruit bearing trees: mango, passion fruit, coconut, etc.  The kids were constantly picking these little green orbs that they called “kinnips” off a tree in the village.  (This package gives the name as mamoncillo.)  After I gathered up my courage, I tried one.  It was strangely delicious!  

First, I had to crack open the outer green shell with my teeth.  Then, I had to suck on the tart, yet sweet, flesh inside without biting down on the rather large seed.  Each kinnip took a few minutes to enjoy since the flesh did not give way very easily.

As I was in the supermarket today, I saw a small section with this strange, yet wonderful, fruit.  It brought back so many positive memories!  

Then, I realized what a huge blessing this little fruit was!  While I liked the taste and uniqueness of the kinnips, these little balls of juice helped to naturally hydrate and nourish many children during my time on the island.  When money was non-existent, the earth provided exactly what those children needed.


Sydney  🙂


Blessing of Deciding



On my way to work this morning, I was feeling very tired and anxious.  I literally cried out in my car for a blessing of some comfort and direction.  Beyond that, I was clueless as to what form it would take.

A few hours later, I received a text message that someone was interested my aloe vera business.  They wanted more information related to certain health topics.  My heart beat so fast.  I knew it was the blessing I requested.  Now, it was up to me.  I had to “Go for it!”

As soon as I could, I emailed back to provide the information and ask this person if she would like to join my team.  My heart was beating the whole time.  Guess what…she said YES!!

Have you ever had a blessing that required a certain action on your part?  Did you “Go for it!” or let it slip away?  I would love to hear about your decision after the blessing.

Sydney  🙂

Just Say Yes!



Sometimes when we are asking for blessings, we sabotage ourselves by asking for something less than what we really want or need.  Instead we need to repeat the words on this meme:

“YES.  You do deserve the best.”

What is is that you really want right now?  Tell me!  Get it out in the open!  

Sydney  🙂

Blessing of Strength



“I’m letting go of the thoughts that do not make me strong.”

After a long eventful day, I saw this quotation and thought it should be my new mantra.  Then I realized that my favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 which reads “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  

Sometimes I allow circumstances to control my happiness or even my destiny.  Then I realize that it’s time to let go.  Those thoughts do not give me strength.  Instead, I need to dwell on thoughts that empower me and cause me to take action for the better.

How do you ask for the blessing of strength?

Sydney  🙂